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3 Tips for enjoying Barcelona like a local

Barcelona is a city that will never cease to amaze you. Getting lost in its streets without thinking too much about what you want to visit will allow you to discover magical and unexpected corners of the Catalan capital. 

1-Take time to get lost in the streets of Barcelona

It is often recommended to visit a city with the wind in order to discover incredible surprises far from the tourist tumult. By moving away from crowded corners, you can explore a new side of Barcelona, ​​more secret, but just as essential.

2-Eat a paella or fideuà on Thursday lunchtime

Even though these two dishes originated in Valencia, the Catalans have adopted and revisited them. In Barcelona, ​​many restaurants offer them on Thursdays at lunchtime. Do not hesitate to eat it at this time, it will be much more digestible than in the evening and more economical. If the paella is very well known in France, the fideuà, on the other hand, is less so. While in reality, it is the equivalent of paella but instead of rice, the Spaniards put a kind of vermicelli. A delight, for sure! 

Why Thursday? 

The origin of this now well-established tradition is difficult to determine. Several echoes give voice to Monday fishing which only arrived on Thursday inland, as in Madrid. Others justify the tradition by the day off granted to household servants: Thursday. These then prepared the meal on Wednesday evening so that the householders only had to reheat the dish. We will never know the truth, but it remains certain that a paella or a fideuà on Thursdays, you will find them everywhere on the menu of the day!

3-Take advantage of the many music festivals 

When we tell you that culture in Barcelona is a real lifestyle, we are not making this up. The city is a real gold mine for those looking for entertainment, so what are you waiting for to enjoy Barcelona like a local? There are also many music festivals, such as Brunch in the Park, Brunch in the City, Primavera Sound, Sónar or Cruïlla. Every year, these festivals bring together a lot of people and each of them has its own concept. Thus, Brunch in the City and Brunch in the Park are usually scheduled on spring Sundays. They offer musical entertainment, workshops and games as well as an exceptional gastronomic offer.

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