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Tahiti offers itself to you? Don't waste a moment and take advantage of our selection of essential things to do when visiting Tahiti! Guaranteed emotions. That's it, the moment has finally arrived: you're flying to Tahiti! Considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, 

Tahiti remains untamed and wild. With its paradisiacal beaches, its mountains full of secrets and its inhabitants as warm as the thermometer, a question arises: how to visit Tahiti? And since it's not just about lazing around in the sun, Generation Voyage answers you with its selection of essential things to do when visiting Tahiti!

1-Discover the black sand

To visit Tahiti well, you must of course go to the beaches. Already that those of white sand are magnificent, tell yourself that a black sand beach is even more so, because of its originality. The island of Tahiti has several but we advise you to discover four. There are others, but less maintained, or less easy to access… 

Point Venus. In addition to being a beautiful stretch of black sand, it is a cape that houses a lighthouse and offers views of part of the west coast of the island. A landscaped coast, it offers: parking, showers, toilets, picnic tables and even a supervised bathing area. 

Tautira beach. Located on the north coast of the peninsula, this beach offers a few amenities: showers, tables, pétanque court and even games for children. 

Taharuu beach, in Papara. Recognized as a very good surf spot, it does not always allow access to swimming. That said, nothing prevents you from going there to observe the surfers, tan a little and have a bite to eat. And above all, to enjoy the view. 

Vaiiha Beach, in Faaone. Very beautiful, with its two wild borders, it offers an intimate setting, ideal for spending a moment as a couple, with friends or family. Surfers can also venture there, but swimming is still accessible.

2-Taste the local cuisine 

Traveling to the other side of the world without delighting in local culinary delights would be a big mistake. To visit Tahiti, beyond the beauty of its landscapes, is also to confront the reality and the richness of its culture. Local Tahitian cuisine relies heavily on fresh, easily accessible produce. In particular the fish, fresh fruits and vegetables that make up a large part of the specialties of the area. Many recipes will delight the most gourmet among you. It would be pretentious to want to list everything here, but we can already tell you about raw fish (a dish full of freshness), chicken fafa (chicken with coconut and taro leaves, similar to spinach), banana po'e (a mixture of banana, cassava flour, coconut milk and vanilla)… There is something for everyone, from appetizers to desserts. Also note the presence of Tahitian wines, produced in the Tuamotu Archipelago. And of course, enjoy the wide variety of exotic fruits and fresh vegetables! Tasty cuisine that is sometimes very demanding Be careful, that said, not all recipes are always so delicate... Let's say that some of them require you to have a strong heart and stomach. For example, fāfaru, a preparation made from fish fillets (usually tuna) that macerate in a brine made from seawater and pressed shrimp. It is eaten when the fish has begun to decompose, or even when it is very advanced... Its very strong smell can put off some sensitive souls, but this dish is very famous and common on the Polynesian archipelago.

3-Attend the Heiva 

If you have the chance to go to Tahiti during the month of July, we strongly recommend that you attend the Heiva. It is an annual festival that takes place over almost three weeks. It showcases all of Polynesian culture through tamure (pronounced tamouré) competitions, dances, songs, and traditional local sports. It is an event that brings together all participants around the sharing and celebration of Polynesian culture.

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