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Discover the longest country in the world, 

we have selected for you 3 of the most beautiful places to visit in Chile! With its 4,300 km long, Chile lends itself to a long road trip, which takes you from the desert expanses of the Atacama to the icebergs of Cape Horn. To visit Chile is to cross multifaceted landscapes and discover new civilizations, still unknown to Europeans four hundred years ago. We invite you to discover the most beautiful places of this thin strip of land, nestled between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. For your travels, we recommend buses – very comfortable – domestic flights and, occasionally, car rental. It is very difficult to establish a classification among sites as spectacular as each other, so we will simply unroll the route from north to south.

1. Lauca National Park 

In the far northeast of Chile, this natural park, located in the administrative region of Arina and Parinacota, was declared a “biosphere reserve” in 1981. You will therefore find nature in its raw state and you will be familiar with high peaks, volcanoes, high altitude lakes and will meet a very varied fauna. To fully appreciate it, it is best to gradually get used to the altitude, because you will be moving at more than 3,200 m. You can, for example, rent a car in Arica and quietly reach Putre to climb gradually.


If you land in Santiago, take a quick tour of the capital and then travel to Valparaiso, about an hour and a half away. Chile's second city, and its largest port, owes its charm to its street art. Stroll through its colorful alleys and admire the work of street artists. Take the stairs or one of the funiculars for a breathtaking view from the hills on which it is built. A short break ? Extend your discovery of cultural life in Viña del Mar and enjoy its beautiful white sand beaches without moderation.

3-Parc National Torres del Paine

Visiting Chile without criss-crossing the Torres del Paine Park is truly inconceivable. If you are a good hiker, you can try the famous O or W treks, but the park is not limited to that. Even a poor walker, you will not remain insensitive to its beauty. Hire a car in Puerto Natales, enter through the south gate and drive to the edge of Lago Grey, from where you will see the glacier of the same name. Continue your route (or rather track), stop in front of magnificent lagoons, take short walks to admire the jagged peaks of Los Cuernos (the horns) and those of the famous Torres. Admittedly, it is a little expensive, but do not hesitate to break the bank to stay in the park and admire the sunrise on these unforgettable towers.

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