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 Tourist guide to visit Qatar during the world cup 2022

Located in the North of Saudi Arabia, on the edge of the Persian Gulf, Qatar is a very small emirate which does not lack opportunities for exotic discoveries. Between futuristic shopping centers and desert landscapes, embark with us to discover the essential things to see and do in Qatar. during the world cup Qatar 2022.

What are the must-see in Qatar?

  • Explore Doha, the capital 
Tourist guide to visit Qatar during the 2022 world cup

With its futuristic skyscrapers and huge shopping malls, a visit to Doha will delight lovers of urban discovery. Find a cheap flight to Doha and take the opportunity to explore its museums, mosques, traditional souks and shopping malls before heading out to explore the rest of the emirate.

  • Marvel at the cultural village by Katara 

It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Qatar. The Katara Cultural Village, located in Doha, was inaugurated in 2010 during the Doha Film Festival. We discover superb artistic exhibitions as well as typical Qatari architecture. The ideal place to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the emirate.

  • Explore Khor Al Adaid in a 4×4 
Tourist guide to visit Qatar during the 2022 world cup

Want to discover the desert landscapes of Qatar? Direction the Khor Al Adaid reserve, classified by Unesco. Accessible only by 4×4, we discover an inland sea surrounded by desert, all under an incredibly pure sky. It is the perfect place to observe the stars in peace.

  • Have fun at The Pearl 
guide to visit the pearl qatar durant world cup 2022

The Pearl is an artificial archipelago located near the capital. There are a multitude of tourist complexes, shops, marinas, beaches and recreational opportunities. If tourist places don't scare you, then this pharaonic project recently set up by the emirate should please you!

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