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 Why go to Qatar

visit qatar for the world cup 2022

Why go to Qatar? If you want to make an original trip, this is a dream destination! Between beaches, deserts and cities, you will be won over...
Despite its small size, Qatar is now tending to become a prime tourist destination. Its leaders have done everything to make the country pleasant, safe and attractive.

Wondering why go to Qatar? It is a resolutely modern country and turned towards the Arts! In its capital Doha, there are countless museums. The most famous to date is the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, where we find collections spanning several centuries. More recently, the Mathaf (or Arab Museum of Modern Art) was inaugurated. The brand tends to promote the creativity and innovation of Arab and international artists through contemporary art in all its forms.

  • Why go to Qatar? Shopping, beaches and organized stays! 

why go to qatar

Qatar is not limited to art. You can also go shopping at Souq Waqif or relax on the magnificent Sealine Beach Resort, a beach located 55 km from Doha. You can relax there and even sleep in the hotel. The beaches, in general, are accessible by 4×4, an unforgettable family adventure. For those who prefer organized stays, there is the Arabian Adventures Day Tours. Camel rides and picnics in the desert are on the program!

  • Qatar, small but sporty 
the 8 stadiums fifa world cup qatar 2022

Contrary to what one might think – given the size of the country – Qatar is a country that organizes many sporting events. It notably organized the 2015 World Handball Championships and will host the 2022 Football World Cup. In addition, each year the Doha Open takes place in January and the Qatar cycling tour, among others.

  • Dream hotels 
qatar hotels for world cup fifa 2022

Why go to Qatar? To sleep in a real palace! A bit like Las Vegas and all the new oriental paradises, Doha in particular offers many luxury hotels. Inside, comfort is obviously omnipresent and the equipment is very numerous. Some establishments have, for example, recreated huge decors such as the Grand Canal in Venice

Do you want to prepare your stay? Here is some practical information that will help you better understand your future trip. 

  1. Tourist office: visit the official tourism website. 
  2. Passport and visa: to travel to Qatar, you need a passport valid for at least 3 months as well as a visa. All information is available on the website of the Embassy of Qatar in Usa. 
  3. Health and vaccination: you must have an anti-meningococcal vaccination to travel to Qatar. 
  4. Money: The currency is the Qatari Riyal (QAR). 
  5. Time difference: the time difference is 1 hour in summer and 2 hours in winter. In winter, when it is noon in France, it is therefore 2 p.m. in Qatar. 
  6. When to go? It is very hot and humid in the summer. It is strongly advised to leave between November and April to have a pleasant climate.

                              why go to qatar


How to get there ? To travel to Qatar, nothing beats the plane. With Qatar Airways, one of the safest companies in the world, you will land at Doha International Airport. 
How to move? Most trips are made by car and especially in 4×4. In Doha, it is necessary to favor taxis or limousines, financially accessible, because there is almost no public transport.

Here are some tools to find your ideal plan :

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